What Happens When You Miss Your Flight

What Happens When You Miss Your Flight

The day was Monday May 29, 2017.

Memorial Day.

As I’m sure you’ve assumed from the title of this post, we did indeed miss our flight.

Now that you know how this story ends, let me give you some background information, so that you know what NOT to do when you go on a vacation.

The AirBNB we stayed at the night before we had to fly out, was two hours away from the airport. Hmm.. maybe not the best idea when you have a 0900 flight.

We planned to get to the airport one hour before the flight took off. Hmm…maybe not the best idea when you have an international flight scheduled, and you are staying two hours away from the airport.

The morning of our flight, there were some road closures that neither GoogleMaps or the car’s built-in GPS knew about. This had us driving around aimlessly for a while. Hmm… Maybe shoulda left a little earlier.

It was raining that morning, and there was standstill traffic once we got into the Nantes city limits. Hmm… Maybe shoulda accounted for possible MONDAY MORNING traffic. Maybe shoulda left a little earlier. Hmm….

Basically, about 30 minutes into our trip towards the airport, I had a good feeling we were going to miss our flight. Nevertheless, we sprinted through the airport once we arrived, got through security and customs in 5 minutes, and got to the gate, only to realize that it had been closed already. By that time is 0910.

The moral of the story is simply this: You don’t plan to get to the airport 2-3 hours ahead of time because security/customs takes a long time. You plan to get to the airport 2-3 hours early because of all the other shit that can possibly go wrong en route to the airport.

As stressed as we were, it was actually kind of funny. After we let off some steam, we joked about how now we’d have a story to tell. 😛

The damage was the $650 we spent to get another pair of one way tickets back to Germany. This ticket was with a discount airline called Volotea, that was scheduled to leave about an hour and a half after our original flight. The sad thing was, these tickets were probably worth $50 each MAX. As much as it hurt to spend that kind of money for a 2 hour flight (That was like an HOUR late by the way), I’m glad that we had that option, and that we were financially ABLE to simply switch flights. Imagine if you were travelling with your family, and you missed a flight. Ouch. That would hit the bank account pretty hard..

Rant over.

What We Learned:

  • Airlines with good reputations like Lufthansa usually depart on time. Don’t be late to those.
    • Discount airlines like RyanAir, EuroWings, and Volotea are usually late, so if you’re running late, make sure it’s for one of those flights lol.
  • Maybe stay closer to the airport the night before an early morning flight.
  • Buy flight insurance.
    • TBH I have NEVER bought flight insurance in my entire life, because, what could possibly go wrong, right? WRONG.
  • Laugh it off.
    • We missed our flight. We threw $650 down the drain. We couldn’t find our car once we got back to Munich airport because we didn’t remember where we had parked it in the garage. What’s the point in feeling pissed and make your day worse? You just gotta laugh it off.

*Side note: It’s much easier writing this now that it’s been two weeks. It was actually a pretty horrible day. I may have shed a tear or two. The day’s saving grace was that we got to go talk with the owners of our future German Shepherd baby at the end of the day. <3

Accurate depiction of how our Memorial Day 2017 was.

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  • Love this story. And, so happy that you can laugh at it now. The magical secret is be able to laugh at it while it’s happening. Don’t think I can do that yet, but I’m working on it!

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