Tiny House Dreams

Tiny House Dreams

My very own tiny home in Montrose, and why tiny homes are the way to go!

If you know me well, I’ve probably mentioned tiny houses and my fascination with them (more than once). This past year, I had the opportunity to live in my very own! It was a mixture of luck and connections that I found my little haven, as you probably won’t see many tiny home listings on apartments.com or any other website for that matter. I LOVE where I live and how I live. I don’t have any regrets in choosing a tiny home versus a luxury apartment complex with hotel-like amenities, and I think this way of living is very realistic long term, even if you decide to have a family. As my exodus to Germany is getting closer and closer, I can’t help but feel a little bit nostalgic about my home and the neighborhood I’ve lived in for the past year.

I have a beautiful garden and small pond. Sometimes when the weather is nice, I’ll open up all the windows and the front door.

5 Reasons Why Tiny Homes are Better

  1. Before we even talk about all the personal benefits, let’s talk about MONEY! It’s cheaper! I paid $100 a week to rent my home, with no contract. This came out to be approx. $433 a month. Not bad, when all utilities (wifi, water, electricity) are included. Not to mention, I live in an amazing neighborhood with lots of art, culture, food, and music, VERY close to downtown Houston. There were no other costs associated with living – just the weekly rent. Obviously, everyone’s tiny home situation will be different: especially if you are looking into buying your own versus just renting one. But I promise you: living in a tiny home will ALWAYS be cheaper. Why? Because you are living in a smaller space, which amounts to LESS land and LESS energy.
  2. Less to clean. I hate cleaning. I’ll put “clean the house” on my to-do list, and it will literally be on my to-do list for a good month before I actually set aside time to deep clean my entire house. Well, I have some great news! LESS space means LESS to clean! The average family home in the United States is 2,679 square feet according to this website. Mine is about 300 square feet, which is about NINE TIMES SMALLER! Need I say more?
  3. It’s more environmentally friendly. This is another no-brainer, and obviously being environmentally friendly is a personal choice. But living in a small space makes you more conscious of how you are affecting your environment. Here’s a personal example: Before living in on my own, I never recycled or used a compost. The trash was the trash, and it was someone else’s responsibility to take it away – it certainly didn’t concern ME what happened with that waste. I’m sure this is the same for many people that live in apartments that provide “valet trash” and “trash chutes.” In my home, I have neither. My trash is my responsibility. I’m not perfect, and of course I can be better about it, but living in a tiny home makes me more aware of what happens with my trash, and how I can make a small difference by composting and recycling.
  4. It allows you to practice patience and mindfulness. Mindfulness simply means “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.” When you live in a small space, your business is everyone else’s business. You can’t hole yourself up in your own room on one end of the house while your husband decides to play video games. It teaches you to be patient with others; you aren’t always going to get your way and you can’t run away from it – you have to learn to accept the people you live with and be more aware of how your actions can affect the other people in the room (or in this case, house). I lived in my tiny house alone, but I truly believe that living in a tiny home with a family is very possible!
  5. Tiny house, big living. And I’m not talking about the TV show. This can mean different things for different people. For me, it meant financial freedom. As a brand new post-grad, I had loans from school, and a fiancè (now husband) across the world. I wanted to travel and spend money on things besides bills. So living in a small house meant that I could literally do all the things I wanted while still aggressively minimizing my loans. Tiny houses also afford you a simpler lifestyle and instead of worrying about your big suburban home, you can just enjoy life and live in the moment!
Mini kitchen
Tons of storage space: I’ve never felt like I didn’t have enough space.

Everyone has their own reason of wanting to live in a tiny home, but I hope that this article opens your mind to the idea of living in small spaces, and all the benefits it comes with. This past year has definitely been a wonderful experience, and I can’t wait to live in another tiny home soon.

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