Ski Trip 2017! & Christmas Shenanigans

Ski Trip 2017! & Christmas Shenanigans

If by ski trip, you mean that I did absolutely no skiing…

Then the title of this post would be accurate.

A group of us went down to a small (but GORGEOUS) town called Wagrain, about an hour south of Salzburg two weeks ago, and *most* of us either skied or tried a hand at snowboarding.

I wasn’t one of those people…

But I can’t deny that the Austrian alps have a special charm when everything is covered in a thick layer of powdery white snow. Pork Chop and I opted for a hike through the snowy mountains and on our second day, a few of us went sledding.

Y’all – Sledding is SO much fun! It requires absolutely no skill, and you just.. go! Definitely the highlight of my trip.

AMAZING views from the chateau that some of our friends stayed at.

It was nice to get together with some of the friends that I’ve made in Germany, and meet new ones as well! Pork Chop was such a trooper – he may have had the shits the whole time, but he stuck it out with us, as we hiked, went to restaurants, and bar hopped in the evening.

All of Pork Chop’s friends went to Austria too!
Gotta have a girls pic! 😛
Randy being a goober.
*Official Christmas card photo*

Christmas was also very special this year. Instead of spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day making our own meal at home, we joined a bunch of friends at Christine’s house for a Christmas Eve dinner. Shoutout to Christine for cooking an amazing prime rib dinner for 10+ people! On Christmas Day, we joined Audrey and her family for a delicious meal (hands down the BEST turkey I have ever had. I couldn’t stop eating…). I am so grateful for all the friends that I’ve met during my short time living in Germany. I think that your friends become family in the military world. And we may move often, but we will eventually have friends all around the world. I have never felt more a part of something than I do now.

So as I sit at our dining room table and type this on New Year’s Eve – looking back at all the special memories from this past year – I can’t even imagine all the amazing things that 2018 will bring! Randy and I will be moving back to the states this coming year, and I’ll be starting down a long LONG journey to achieve some personal goals!

All I have to say is…


We went on a day trip to Bamberg the other day to try their famous smoked beer. Can’t say its my fave, but it definitely tasted like bacon!
A little blurry, but I like this picture. Happy New Year from the both of us!

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