It’s Already July?!

It’s Already July?!

Time has been flying by pretty fast lately. The days and weeks are blending together and I woke up this past Saturday morning to realize that it was already July?! Where did the time go? Has it been three WHOLE months since I’ve moved to Germany? It feels like just yesterday that I was still living and working in Houston, yet it feels like it’s been an eternity all the same.

I won’t lie, I’ve basically spent this whole weekend eating ice cream and binging on Netflix. I finished “How To Get Away With Murder” in record time, and now I’m onto “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” which has the most random and hilarious plot, and I actually can’t stop watching. I found it last night halfway into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and I. Couldn’t. Stop. both the ice cream and the netflix. I felt sick after finishing a whole pint in one sitting. I used to do that in college all the time. Obviously, I’m not in college anymore because my ice cream tolerance has gone done considerably.

Only the best of the best for Independence Day weekend.

In all honesty, I think that sometimes, bumming out and not using your brain cells is good for the soul. Especially because for the past month, I’ve been on the verge of an existential crisis. I kid you not. Free time does that to me. I think I need to find a career that gives me absolutely no free time when I grow up.


I’ve been trying to justify my netflix/ice cream binges by sleeping a lot and going for long walks and hikes with Pork Chop. Yesterday, we went on a hike pretty close to home, in a town called Leuchtenberg.

I’ve been using a hiking app called Komoot, that has a wealth of beautiful hikes close to home. I originally chose this particular hike because there was a picture of a beautiful stream, but I actually stumbled upon some castle ruins as well! How cool is it that there are castle ruins literally 15 minutes from our home?! I think I need to do some more exploring in my own neighborhood.

I couldn’t find too much history on these castle ruins (at least not in English), but I did find one website that I translated into English, and it gave me a brief history about the origins of this castle. Basically, the specifics of the origins are unknown, but it was first mentioned in the 10th or 11th century AD. That’s basically 1,000 years old! How crazy?! Did I mention this was 15 minutes away from my house? Here’s the link to the German website where I (tried) to translate and find out more about these ruins! 

In other news, Randy is gone for the next six weeks, so I’m in the process of planning for some pretty epic trips this summer!

Currently on the list:

  • Lake Como
  • Müllerthal Trail
  • Luxembourg City
  • Brussels (?)
  • Amsterdam // Netherlands
  • Austria (round two)
  • And Malta!

Everything is still in the planning phase, but I’m excited for things to start rolling, and to get busy with some adventuring in just a few short days!

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