It was 39°F this morning

It was 39°F this morning

Autumn is officially upon us here in Germany! We got home from our travels yesterday afternoon, and the house was freezing! I immediately turned on all the heaters downstairs.

As bummed as I am that summer is pretty much over, I’m super excited for everything that’s coming up. Hopefully all of these things I’m looking forward to will keep me away from the winter blues during these next several months of cold and gloomy days.

Randy has been on vacation for the past two weeks, so we went to Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Mallorca (an island in the Mediterranean Sea –  off the coast of Spain!) We also went to Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) in the Czech Republic for our one year anniversary in late August. We’ve been having an amazing time travelling together, and I’m so excited to recap all of our adventures on this blog over the next couple of weeks. (Good news: We haven’t killed each other yet! :P)

At the same time, I’m excited to be home and excited to get back into my normal routines. It’s been especially great to get back to cooking for myself!! I love eating out and trying new foods, but when you do that for two to three meals a day, EVERY DAY for 11 days, it gets pretty old. I’m excited to get back to my exercise routines, and start running a bit more also. I think I just used the word ‘excited’ waaay too many times, but I’m feeling too lazy to edit.

I’m also ECSTATIC (and slightly nervous) that another HUGE dream of mine is slowly coming together. I’ve been working hard on this for several weeks now, and I’m excited to share my journey (in another post, coming up!).

Autumn in Germany isn’t all bad. Oktoberfest in Munich is held in September of every year, and there are so many other festivals going on all over the country. A personal goal of mine this fall is to climb to the top of the Zugspitze. The Zugspitze is the tallest peak in Germany, and the hike starts in a popular resort town called Garmisch. Ever since hiking to the top of Mt. Fuji in Japan and Debela Pec in Slovenia, I’ve been inspired to climb to the top of many other mountain peaks. It’s challenging, but extremely rewarding. I blame my Japanese grandfather for getting me into hiking up mountains. He’s a fanatic! He climbed Mt. Fuji with me last year at 82 years old! How amazing is that?! I am also going to be putting some more focused attention into improving my German language skills. We’ll see how that goes…

Also – Pork Chop is starting obedience training every Saturday! Finally time for some discipline!

Lots going on, but that’s it for now!

Be on the lookout for some pretty awesome travel posts coming soon!

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