I Want a Dog!

I Want a Dog!

It’s Monday May 1, 2017!

Today was a significant day in many, many ways. Let’s start at 2AM in the morning, when Randy came home from work! Ugh.. so late, I know.. A couple hours later at around 11AM, I said goodbye to Randy for the next three weeks, as he prepared to head out to Hohenfels for training. This was probably one of the hardest good-byes, because he has literally been my rock as I’ve gotten adjusted to living in Germany. I know I’ll be okay on my own, but it was still difficult saying goodbye, knowing I’d be more or less on my own for the next few weeks.

To start off the beginning of my very temporary life as a geographical bachelorette (is that even a thing?) I went on a hike with some new friends. We explored some of the forests near a small town called Demenricht. What a beautiful hike! We walked, did some bird-watching, had a picnic on the forest floor, and ended the day with a beer. It was SO nice to talk to these girls. Never underestimate the power of conversing with a group of strong, kind women when you’re feeling a little down. It’s like free therapy, and I truly believe that surrounding yourself with these women, will make you stronger and kinder as well.

When I got home earlier this evening, I found that my box had arrived!! I’ve been waiting for this box for FOUR WEEKS, people! I thought I’d be smart by shipping a big box of clothes to Germany early, so that it would get here by the time I got here. The plan obviously failed, and I’ve been rotating through three or four outfits for the past month (I only carried a carry-on backpack on my trip over to Germany. Silly me 😛 )

It was an emotionally tough day, but it was a good day in so many ways! Also, my goal for the month of may is to blog Monday through Friday every week! And, I’m also currently obsessed with German Shepherds. I think I’ve convinced Randy that it’s a great idea to get a puppy! Updates coming soon 🙂

Here’s another adorable pictures of a german shepherd puppy.

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