I Am Officially a Dog Mom!

I Am Officially a Dog Mom!

When Randy and I were still dating, we used to talk about how we were going to have two dogs: a german shepherd and a siberian husky – and their names were going to be Pork Chop and Sir Loin.


This is VERY candid picture haha. I’m definitely rocking a double chin, but I think it captures the moment pretty well. You can tell Randy is in love.

We are officially new parents to our bear cub, Pork Chop! He has the biggest paws, and long beautiful fur that gets wavy when you get it wet. He has the most curious chocolate-colored eyes, and is as shy as can be. His ears are still floppy, and will criss-cross when he’s taking a nap, but stand erect when he’s exploring in the backyard or going for a walk.

Over the past couple of days, he has taken to following me around WHEREVER I go. I kid you not. He comes to the bathroom with me. And when we go out on walks, he doesn’t even need a leash, because he literally won’t stray from my side. He sticks so close, that he keeps stepping on the backs of my feet, and I can feel his drool getting all over my ankles.

But I love him!

Randy’s a little jealous, but I know Pork Chop will come around and love him too. It sucks that he’s been at work all week, while we have been spending literally every second of the day together.

I can’t wait for all of our hiking trips around Europe this summer, and maybe I can eventually convince him to become my running partner, also. 😉

Here is an abundance of pictures from this past week. I officially understand why new moms take a million pictures of their babies and won’t stop posting them on facebook and instagram. I have a feeling I’m about to become one of those people, so I apologize in advance.

Quick water break during our walk this morning.

Sleepy baby


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