Hello August (and Crossfit)

Hello August (and Crossfit)

August has successfully snuck up on me! (Along with May, June, and July). As Germany’s short summer nears its end, I’ve started to appreciate the warm weather even more, dreading the cold winter months to follow.

I’ve realized that lately, all I’ve been writing about are my travels. This makes sense because that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing… I haven’t been working as a nurse, and I haven’t really been actively working on my health and fitness goals. So in an attempt to change that, I want to talk about:


There’s a single crossfit gym in all of Weiden, near the city center. I tried a free class on a whim (tbh it’s because I was going crazy being at home all day, and needed to get out and do something – ANYTHING). I’ve always been mildly interested in crossfit, and I liked the way they trained. I liked the intensity that came along with it, and the tight-knit ‘box family’ aspect of it. So there I was, in April, going to a crossfit class of mostly Germans, and I’m over here – moderately fit at best, a short half-asian girl going to a German crossfit class. I’m not going to lie – I was extremely intimidated and totally out of my comfort zone. But I think that was what I needed.

I started going to crossfit twice a week, which I thought would be a good balance to all my hiking and running. But let’s be honest – I wasn’t running. It was usually just a hike once a week. And when I travelled, all workouts (and crossfit, obviously) went out the window, as I wasn’t in town to actually go to workouts.

So this month, I’ve decided to FULLY commit to going to crossfit EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. As I’m not travelling this month, I thought it would be good to finally prioritize my fitness goals over travels and fests.

As the second week of August has officially ended, I can already give you updates on how this has been going:

  1. I’m sore every day.
  2. I’m really bad at push-ups, and even worse at pull-ups. (It’s currently a work in progress).
  3. I never want to go to class, but I’m always so glad I went, after the workout is over.
  4. I’ve gotten to know the other members better, now that I’m going to class more frequently. (Who woulda thunk?!)

I haven’t really been focusing on physical changes in my body, but more on performing better in class. Good form, lifting heavier, running faster, etc. But I AM planning on getting a bod pod assessment soon!

What is a Bod Pod assessment?

It’s the gold standard in measuring your resting metabolic rate, and your body fat percentage. The chart they use to “measure” your body fat percentage (that uses height and weight) is rarely accurate, and is just a gross estimation. 

If I’ve hung out with you sometime in the last couple of weeks, I’ve probably mentioned something about needing to go to a crossfit class later on in the day. It feels really good to prioritize fitness.

Something I was thinking about last night on the way home from my workout:

Our actions reflect our priorities. It’s not the other way around. We can talk all day about how we put our health first, but are we really prioritizing health? Look at your everyday habits and routines, and they will tell you. All it takes is an hour out of your day to get an amazing workout, and consciously making healthy decisions at each meal (and not pigging out or drinking too much).

*black&white pictures courtesy of Savannah Davey (who is an AWESOME photographer, and former crossfit member!)

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