Burgruine Flossenbürg

Burgruine Flossenbürg

Randy and I spent the first day of 2018 going on a short hike in a nearby town called Flossenbürg! I’d heard a lot about the town – mainly for its castle ruins and concentration camp. After about a 20 minute scenic drive, we arrived at our destination, and went hiking up to the castle ruins. If you follow the trail markers for “rundweg” it will take you on a loop around the ruins as well.

Unfortunately, my beginner-level German skills didn’t allow me to translate the informational signs, but I did some research once I got home and learned that Flossenbürg Castle was built around the year 1100 on a bare granite rock. Since its conception, the castle has changed hands several times. From 1938 to 1945 (during the time that the Flossenbürg concentration camp was active and in use), the Flossenbürger granite was mined under inhumane working and living conditions.

Although only ruins remain, during an excavation project in the 1980’s, scientists found the remains of an oven and a cellar. Now, Flossenbürg Castle is visited mainly for the beautiful views from the top of the tower.

Photo credit: the amazing Randy Webb

And you know how I feel about beautiful views!

Pork Chop is always the star of the show – DUH!

The whole trip was about 2 hours – easy to do on any random day. Flossenbürg is only a 20 minute drive from Weiden, and the short hike is perfect for a little adventure. I would really like to go back soon and visit the concentration camp when it’s open – only about 2 minutes driving distance from the ruins.

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