Austria: An Abridged Edition

Austria: An Abridged Edition

You know that feeling when you start having expectations, and when whatever you have expectations for doesn’t meet up to your expectations?

Yep… That was pretty much this trip to Austria in a nutshell.

Not to say that Austria wasn’t an absolutely beautiful place. Because it ABSOLUTELY was. We drove down to the state of Salzburg, Austria and stayed near Zell Am See. It was about a four-hour car ride, which is another reason why I’m so in love with where we live – not only is Europe accessible by cheap discount flights, but it’s also extremely easy to get around Germany’s many border countries by car!

I think the problem was that I started having expectations. The week prior to our four day weekend, I devised an hour-by-hour itinerary of what we would be doing for the whole weekend. I spent hours on the computer, researching the best hikes, and dog-friendly attractions in the alps. I made sure that I could bring Pork Chop along on ski-lifts and ferries. I made the AirBNB reservations and everything.

After another tough week of being a stay at home wife, I was so ready for a relaxing vacation. Y’all. Doing housework is mentally draining. You don’t even know.

So then, of course Randy decided to go and have an accident at the bike park where he went over the handlebars and injured his shoulder. I picked him up from the hospital in Zell Am See, where they basically did nothing, gave him two ibuprofens, and told him to go to a hospital in Germany.

End of vacation.

It was only Day 1.5


BUT, here’s what we DID do, during our short stay in Austria. And I must admit, everything that did end up happening was pretty great!

Our pre-departure dinner the night before. I should probably re-check my cholesterol levels, or go on a diet.


View of the mountains en route to our first AirBNB. I say this all the time, but there’s just something about mountains…

This was our first AirBNB in Fusch an der Grossglocknerstrasse, Austria (that’s a mouthful… tbh I just googled it to make sure my spelling was correct.) 😛 It was an amazing experience! I’m obsessed with tiny homes, and I found this little cabin (without electricity or running water) in a rose garden on a beautiful organic farm property, and HAD to stay for at least one night to experience it.

They had a small pond that we could swim in! Even though it was a cloudy day, with some afternoon showers, I couldn’t resist taking a dip! Pork Chop wanted to get in also.

My pictures don’t do it justice, but here are some more pictures of the garden surrounding our romantic little cabin. For better pictures, check out their AirBNB listing HERE!

Pork Chop was passed out next to the door after sprinting through the tall grass like a crazy dog. He was probably excited to have some open running space after being in a cramped car for four hours.

Day 2 at the Krimmler Wasserfälle. Beautiful day for hiking, and a great place to drag the fam, and bring the pup.

Randy was having a blast at the bike park in Leogang, but I had some good company to explore the trails along the waterfall.


So although our weekend in Austria was cut short, and the rest of my Saturday after visiting this waterfall was pretty stressful, I must say that the 30% of the itinerary that I actually did complete, turned out to be pretty great.

Be on the look out for the unabridged edition of Austria, out soon!

AKA we are definitely going back.




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