Asia Dragon Bazar

Asia Dragon Bazar

I follow a travel page on Facebook for military families in Europe, where I’ve learned so much about the best places to go near where we live. For those of you who have never heard of Weiden or Amberg (understandably, because they are pretty small towns in comparison to Munich or Berlin or any other major city in Germany), we are in northeastern Bavaria, very close to the Czech border!

Since I didn’t have very much going on for Independence Day, I decided to hop on the autobahn (A93) and check out this Asia Dragon Bazar that I had read so much about on the facebook page that I follow. The reason I was so interested was because I had read an equal amount of great reviews and terrible reviews that claimed it was a waste of time. I’m always down for a good deal, so I figured, ‘why not?!’

Google Maps estimated a 45 minute drive from Weiden. Not bad for a day trip to another country! Asia Dragon Bazar is in a city called Cheb, right on the other side of the German-Czech border. The first thing I noticed driving in, was a bunch of garden statues, some of which actually looked really nice! I was eyeing a cute little stone bird bath….OR SO I THOUGHT! Until I tried to pick it up, and realized it was cheap plastic that had been spray-painted over! WHAT?!?! I like deals, but what I don’t like is cheap fakes.

As I walked around, I saw signs for Armani, Michael Kors, Nike, etc. etc. etc. All fakes, I’m assuming. I also saw a bunch of brand name perfume bottles. Not sure if you can fake those. The salesmen weren’t too pushy, as I had read in some reviews. I’m not too big into name brand purses, clothes, perfumes, or sunglasses, so I wasn’t too impressed by the selection of items for sale.

I did end up finding a pretty good quality dog bed for Pork Chop. (Anything for the dog, right? :P). I haggled the price down from €25 to €20. Yeah.. I realize my bargaining skills aren’t too great. I feel like I could’ve haggled down to €15 if I wanted, seeing as the salesman didn’t really put up much of a fight.

There were a bunch of asian restaurants also, which I didn’t try.

The verdict?

Unless you are really into getting cheap brand name clothing and accessories, it’s a waste of time. I spent a grand total of less than one hour at this place, before I hopped back into the car to head to a German fest in Amberg! (which was way more fun, by the way!). One thing I will note, is that I didn’t eat at any of the restaurants. Some of my friends have told me that they go here just for the food! So if the asian food is actually worth the 1.5 hour round trip, then I guess I should give it another try.

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