5 Hours in Boston

5 Hours in Boston

My flight to Germany consisted of four flights that covered four different countries… And although flying from Houston to Boston to Reykjavik to Paris to Munich was EXHAUSTING, it was still an excuse to get some quick travelling and sightseeing in! (Plus, the cost of all my flights together was only $380, so that’s obviously the way to go).

I had an 8 hour layover in Boston, which afforded me about 5 hours in the city. Thankfully Boston Logan Airport is SUPER close to downtown Boston. I decided to take a water taxi across Boston harbor, which landed me right in front of Boston Harbor Hotel. For $20, they gave me a round trip private boat ride from the airport and back, and stored my luggage for me while I was in the city. I had originally planned on taking the train into the city, but after realizing that I’d have to carry my heavy carry-on with me all day, I chose to take the water taxi.

View of downtown Boston as I start crossing Boston Harbor in my water taxi!

My first stop was Neptune OysterAfter some serious amounts of research on Yelp, I came to the conclusion that this was the best place to have my long-awaited lobster roll. I had NEVER seen so many yelp reviews for one restaurant. (Currently 3436 reviews to be exact). Check out the YELP review HERE! I had the hot lobster roll with butter, and a few local oysters from the Massachusetts Bay area. 


The $50 bill was totally worth it.

Not exactly the healthiest but that roll was dripping in hot butter, and there was so much lobster stuffed in there that there were chunks of lobster literally falling out as I tried to eat it. The oysters were also some of the best I’d ever had – not too briny, and I could almost describe them as sweet.

The rest of the day involved some serious walking in an attempt to burn off all that food. I walked parts of the Freedom Trail that takes you to important landmarks in United States history. I stopped at the Paul Revere House, Granary Burying Ground, and the Boston Commons.

Paul Revere House. It was really neat to see how Paul Revere and his family lived in the 1700s. Payed for admission with dollar coins I randomly found in my wallet. 😛


Third oldest cemetery in Boston, founded in 1660. Many heroes from the Revolutionary War are buried here, including Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock.

According to my phone, I walked a total of 7 miles that afternoon. Safe to say that I burned off at least a quarter of the butter on that lobster roll.

Water taxi back to BOS. This was an awesome experience! That sea breeze was freezing cold though.


Enjoyed a local beer once back at the airport, waiting for my flight to Reykjavik!

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